FULL SPECTRUM Technologies

Technical Information:

Below is a brief list of services we provide. If you or your business are interested in the services we provide, please contact us for a free consultation.

Professional Services Offered: These services are rendered at $75.00/hr. Any hardware or software purchased by Full Spectrum Technologies and billed to a client will incur a 5% handling fee.

What's a Oracle-based custom Web Database?
Many businesses (and people for that matter) have processes that are tracked and managed with paper. Our speciality is turning those systems into web-based, secure, paperless systems. Many common websites use database-driven applications to their advantage. Websites like Amazon.com and Ebay.com are web-based databases used daily by millions of individuals.

What we offer is the ability to have the same power and flexiblity of this infrastructure specifically designed to the systems and flow used currently by your business. These custom-written systems are secure, fast, and accessible by an unlimited number of people from anywhere in the world. Think of the possibilities!